Snapshots of Winter 2017

Spring has arrived here but first, I want to share some photos of our very snowy Winter. Snow is not uncommon around here in Winter but this year we did get more than average for our 2500ft. elevation. A lot of people had roofs collaspe. Rivers and creeks ran high when everything began to melt. There is still snow on the higher mountains around us. Enjoy the show…I will be sharing Spring photos soon.

Late Autumn/Early Winter


A Summer Garden Quilt

Many times I pull ideas from nature when I am making a quilt or some other sewing project.

Summer Quilt

Summer Garden Quilt

When I saw this fabric collection I knew that I had to have it.

The Layout

The Layout

The colors are so fun and remind me of nature. I love the play of insects incorporated into the design.

The Press

Hot Off the Press

Then I meditate on what stitch pattern to use. I am a hand quilter so I enjoy personalizing the stitch pattern too.

The Leaf Stitch

The Leaf Stitch

A Trellis Border

A Trellis Border

In between watering the garden and trying to keep the chickens cool – er, I hope to have this completed by the end of summer.