Hit the Ground Running

Once the weather warms up around here, you have to run to keep up with everything. There is weeding and planting; weeding and watering; weeding and mowing; weeding and tending livestock and…well you get the idea.

This week I picked up chick’s at the hatchery. I could have got them from any feedstore, but I  like to have a better selection than Rhode Island Red or some other popular breed. I like to be able to collect eggs without having to keep one eye on the door, ready to run in the event that a chicken decides to…  A-T-T-A-C-K! I prefer the more docile breeds. I ordered a Buff Orpington, three Ameracana (a.k.a. Easter Egger), a Delaware, and a Black Star. The hatchery always adds a couple of free chicks…mystery chicks…figure out what breed they are. When I  got home I discovered not two,  but four free chicks! So what was an order of six chicks, became ten. 😑  One of the mystery chicks is a Black Star, one is a second Orpington, and then two ??? I  am guessing that they are possibly Australorps. 

I love the sweetness of Ameracana chickens. I have two grown hens that are 1-1/2 years old. One (named Cadbury) lays olive eggs; the other one (Jelly Bean) lays sky blue eggs. I have a Marans, named Cocoa, that lays milk chocolate colored eggs. I have one Red Star that lays jumbo brown eggs. I have a Sussex named Cameo that lays medium sized rose colored eggs. I have Wyondotte, named Wynona, that lays small, thin shelled eggs, very light tan eggs. I know that at least two birds will be culled before Winter. 

Then there is my “catbird” 😊  His name is Tiny.

Happy gardening!

Spring Has Arrived 

Following a very snowy Winter, we welcome Spring with all the blooms, fragrance, and activity. Spring has been wet with a lot of rain…weekly. ☔ Garden beds are being cleared and early vegetables are being planted.  🌱 Take a peek at the beginning of Spring here at my gardens.

Now to get caught up with all of the rapidly growing grass and weeds. 😉

Taking a Wrong Turn at Albuquerque

This story really has nothing to do with Albuquerque, but the journey reminded me of an old Bugs Bunny clip where he gets lost. Now, for the adventure…

My hubby, KW, and I have been looking to purchase a hay baler so we could bale our own pasture hay rather than hiring someone to do it for us. 

KW found one on Craigslist, 76 miles from us. About an 1 1/2 hour drive on the freeway. (Now, first of all, when you live in a rural area like we do, 76 miles/1-1/2 hour drive, isn’t out of the question.) No problem. 😎 We would have to pull it home with our pickup. We just had to take the back roads and stay off the freeway. No problem. 😆 We knew we would have to travel slower, but there’s nothing like a scenic drive. Right?

So we arrived at the seller’s and after KW walked around the (near antique) John Deere baler, kicked the tires, checked it all over…the agreed upon purchase price was given to the seller and away we went. A very pleasant early Spring drive with a baler in tow.

We had been told by two different people from the area that the back roads would keep us off the freeway and would be easy. Besides we had our “smartphone” and Google map. What could possibly go wrong? 😊

“Do we cross the freeway and go north?” “No, Google says to continue this way…yes it is a gravel road but…” 😕

Well, not long into the journey, the gravel was gone and it was dirt. “No problem. It’s dry. A little rutted, but it will be fine.” 😒

Then we came to the creek crossing, a creek meant to divert the flash floods that can occur in a high desert region. “No problem”, KW says. “There is no water in it. We can cross it.” 😮

Then we came to a gate, followed by more gates, to keep the free range cattle somewhat contained. 

Somewhere along here, a jackrabbit ran across in front of us, looking somewhat perplexed as to why we were in his neck of the woods, er, sagebrush. At one point, a helicopter was coming toward us going in the opposite direction.  I did think for a moment that it would hover over us and using a speaker, tell us to freeze, get out of the vehicle…😨

A couple of hours later (felt like days later) we ran out of road and we were forced to get on the freeway…only for a couple of miles…until we could get off again and continue the journey on the back roads  (now paved…woohoo). People driving on freeways do not appreciate slow moving traffic driving on the shoulder at 35 miles per hour. Go figure! 😲 

Days later, 😫 I mean hours later, we arrived home safe and sound. There’s no place like home…I have a new compassion for those who journeyed West on the Oregon Trail.