I enjoy walks with God in his beautiful creation. I am especially fond of the West Coast and the mountains near my home. I am blessed with an awesome husband and two wonderful children. I enjoy gardening, cooking and quilting to name a few of my favorite things. I live in the beautiful state of Idaho.

The plan is to post once a week but sometimes I post twice a week. Sometimes I seem at a loss for something to say. Sometimes I may post pictures. I write frequently about what I call ponderings. These are primarily things I observe and many times see in a different light from the obvious. Sometimes I will post recipes. Sometimes I will talk about my gardening adventures and show you pictures. Frequently you will see pictures of sunrises. I share about things that pertain to my everyday life, family and cooking.

This blog forces me to share a part of myself with others. I lean toward being a private person so therefore it is a challenge for me to write anything personal. It also gives me a place to connect with people I will never meet face to face. It has been a lot of fun to chat with people from all over the world.

Thanks to all who take the time to stop by my place. Thanks for your comments and for saying that you like what I have shared.

Blessings to one and all from my garden to your place in the world. Debra


8 thoughts on “About

  1. It was such a pleasure to look around your blog! Your poem was beautiful, your cherry cobbler looked absolutely delicious, and I just loved what you had to say about the rain. I’m looking forward to more of your posts! 🙂


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