Hit the Ground Running

Once the weather warms up around here, you have to run to keep up with everything. There is weeding and planting; weeding and watering; weeding and mowing; weeding and tending livestock and…well you get the idea.

This week I picked up chick’s at the hatchery. I could have got them from any feedstore, but I  like to have a better selection than Rhode Island Red or some other popular breed. I like to be able to collect eggs without having to keep one eye on the door, ready to run in the event that a chicken decides to…  A-T-T-A-C-K! I prefer the more docile breeds. I ordered a Buff Orpington, three Ameracana (a.k.a. Easter Egger), a Delaware, and a Black Star. The hatchery always adds a couple of free chicks…mystery chicks…figure out what breed they are. When I  got home I discovered not two,  but four free chicks! So what was an order of six chicks, became ten. 😑  One of the mystery chicks is a Black Star, one is a second Orpington, and then two ??? I  am guessing that they are possibly Australorps. 

I love the sweetness of Ameracana chickens. I have two grown hens that are 1-1/2 years old. One (named Cadbury) lays olive eggs; the other one (Jelly Bean) lays sky blue eggs. I have a Marans, named Cocoa, that lays milk chocolate colored eggs. I have one Red Star that lays jumbo brown eggs. I have a Sussex named Cameo that lays medium sized rose colored eggs. I have Wyondotte, named Wynona, that lays small, thin shelled eggs, very light tan eggs. I know that at least two birds will be culled before Winter. 

Then there is my “catbird” 😊  His name is Tiny.

Happy gardening!

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