Harvest Time for Gardeners

I have spent the past month preserving the harvest from my garden. I have canned salsa, relishes, tomatoes, peppers, catsup, mustard, jam, plums, applesauce…the list goes on and on.

The majority of the produce was grown in my raised garden beds. This year tomatoes and peppers were the stars of the garden. They produced an abundance and I had to find new ways to preserve them. I normally can salsa and tomatoes to use throughout the winter months. After canning several jars of each I went searching for ways to use them in other things. I found tomato relish…tastes great on a hamburger; sweet pepper relish…who knew relish did not have to contain cucumbers???; red onion relish…great on any kind of sandwich; chow chow…something I used to hear my relatives speak of but I never dared eat as a kid…

This week I canned 14 quarts of plums, 10 half-pints of plum jam and 10 half-pints of Asian Plum Sauce. Today I began working with apples. I say began because it is a process to go from apples to applesauce, apple butter, sweet cider, apply jelly, apple pie, apple pound cake….you get the idea. I went to two local orchards to get my apples and plums.

I will show more on the apples in another post coming soon.


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