Tomato Hornworm Invasion

I have two tomato plants that I planted in rain barrels that are on my back patio. On Saturday my hubby and I discovered that the plants were being consumed by unwanted visitors. We picked a dozen plus hornworms off the two plants. This morning while I was walking past the plants I noticed another…


I went back inside and got my leather glove and a re-purposed empty cottage cheese tub with some dish soap and water in the tub. Then the hunt was on.


Sorry this shot was a little blurry…trying to hold the camera/phone and take a picture while holding the creature in my other hand. They are a bit creepy.


I would love to garden without unwanted pests but I guess that will never happen.

These creatures can consume a great deal of the plant in record time.


They are however no match for some soapy water and my diligence of keeping my plants free of unwanted visitors!


I am still fighting the battle against the earwigs. This year they are extremely abundant following our unusually mild winter.

This is what is left of my parsley plant.


I keep putting out diatomaceous earth to kill them. It is working but there are so many that it is something that must be done every few days especially after watering.


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