Strawberries Are Here!

Friday I took a break from weeding…see my last post if you don’t know what I am talking about. Presently I am fighting cheatgrass. What a PAIN!  It is everywhere!!! Oh…back to the berries. So Friday I made a luscious strawberry cream cake. YUM! I cannot share the recipe as it is one of those that is copyrighted. You know, if you share it they lock you up, fine you, and throw away the key. So I will give you a paraphrased version. Start by making a round single layer cake. This one has two whole eggs and three yolks. (Save the whites) Use cake flour. Beat the whites and fold them in like you do for your favorite waffle recipe. The cake is moist and tender. Search the web for a recipe and experiment. The recipe I followed is from Cook’s Illustrated. The filling is strawberries macerated in sugar, then drained. Save the juice and then the recipe had you add two tablespoons kirsch. I didn’t have that but I had some dried cherries that I soaked in two tablespoons of sherry for about an hour. It adds another layer of flavor. Cook the strawberry juice and “kirsch” down to about three tablespoons and stir this into the mashed strawberries. Cut the cooled cake into three layers with a serrated knife. Take your time and be patient. It isn’t hard. The cake must be cool. Then whip up some heavy whipping cream with softened cream cheese and sugar. Start layering. Cake layer; berries; whip cream mixture; repeat. 20150529_183043     20150530_074010   I used a spoon so I could get e-v-e-r-y crumb. Serve at room temperature. Refrigerate the leftovers…If you have any. 🙂

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