The Love Letter

Dear Mom,

I wanted to put down in writing the things I may or may not have said. I want to say thank you.

Thank you for all the things that you have done for me, and there are countless things. I will try to name just a few of the many things.

First, you gave me life. After trying for so long to conceive, it finally happened. I can only imagine how you felt when you began to feel me stirring inside of you. Then as the time approached for me to come forth and you could no longer see your feet, you knew that you would soon see the one you had carried for nine months. Then there was the hours of walking the hospital corridor to hasten labor; and after twelve hours, you delivered me. How much joy you must have felt when you looked into my blue eyes.

Thank you for never giving up during those first few months when I had colic. Thanks for bearing with me during the teething, crawling, walking, potty training, and all the bumps and bruises. 

Thanks for watching over me when I had to be hospitalized when I was dehydrated. Thanks for bandaging my foot when I cut it in the spokes of the tricycle. Thanks for the ice cream and jello when my throat was sore after I had my tonsils removed. Thanks for all the times you put a cool, wet cloth on my forehead during the times I was sick, had the measles, mumps, and a bad reaction to the smallpox vaccine. Thanks for all the bandages for all the many cuts and scrapes. Thanks for removing the bee stinger and for taking care of my foot when I stepped on the nail. I know I should have had shoes on but…

Thanks for not wringing my neck when I took pictures of all my dolls and stuffed animals lined up on the couch even though I knew I wasn’t suppose to touch your camera. And maybe no one would have known if the pictures of my sister hadn’t come back double exposed. She was so mad at me. I thought she looked better with my stuffed animals on her head which was caused by the double exposure. I didn’t know I was supposed to wind the camera after taking a picture. Anyway thanks for laughing with me when we saw the pictures, even though my sister didn’t laugh and she wanted to wring my neck.

Thanks for caring when my friends hurt me and said nasty things about me. You told me that what they said wasn’t true and not to worry about it. 

Thanks for trying so hard to be both Mom and Dad after Daddy died. I know it had to have been very hard for you. But we made it. I finished school, graduated, got married and had children of my own. 

Thanks for loving my kids, your grand-kids, and playing games with them and watching them grow up. 

Thanks for everything. I love you Mom.


Mom – August 1924 to April 1913


4 thoughts on “The Love Letter

  1. What a beautiful text Debra, so touching. Mothers are so very important. I wish I could have that much memories about my mom but she passed away when I was 6. Fortunately I had my grand mother with whom I grew up with and she was a real mother to me. Have a beautiful day !


    • Thank you, Jocelyne. It is challenging growing up with only one parent. I am so thankful that others, like your grandmother help fill the gap. I had a neighbor lady that never had children who doted on me. =) Have a great week. Thanks for stopping by. Always a pleasure to hear from you friend.

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