The Race is On!

Spring blew in so fast that I have barely had time to catch my breath. April was filled with very warm temperatures and the WEEDS (AHHHHH) are everywhere!!! Who plants those weeds during the Winter months anyway? Are there alien creatures that lie beneath the soil planting those nasty weed seeds? Gotta wonder.

So I leave you with a picture of my lilac in bloom a few weeks ago. It was beautiful. It bloomed early during one of many warm days and then it turned cool and the blooms were gone. Same thing happened to the apricot trees. No fruit from those trees this year.

Enjoy the photo. I need to get back to weeding. 🙂




4 thoughts on “The Race is On!

  1. I love purple and the smell of purple lilac; you know it reaches the throne room and the Father loves them too.


  2. Beautiful photo ! It’s so much colder where I live, mine are going to bloom in a few weeks.
    And yes, the weeds… my garden is full of them too 🙂


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