Cover-up in the Kitchen

Maybe you have heard the saying “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. With that in mind, I say when life gives you scraps…do something!

When I cook I usually take a bar mop and tuck it in the top of my waistband so that I have it handy to wipe my hands on as I am preparing the food. I got to thinking that I needed an apron, so I went to my fabric stash.

Now the type of apron that I wanted was one like I remember ladies wearing when I was a little girl. It is called a Half Apron, although I don’t know of anyone calling it that when I was little.

Of course, one is not enough…

I will probably still have a bar mop laying nearby on the counter-top but at least now maybe there won’t be so many spatters on my clothes. Although I just may have to make a full apron. Hmm. Back to the fabric stash. 😀



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