Pre-Winter ? Arrives

Just a week ago I was looking at the leaves on the yard thinking I should get them raked up. BUT they had not all fallen so I waited.

The wheat was planted.

Wheat Planted

Wheat Planted

The shrubs that are prone to deer browsing were covered. The weather had been fantastic. THEN

Last Thursday, about noon, it began to snow and continued for the next 24 hours. We accumulated 8 inches. (Now I know, compared to what has fallen in some places in the Midwest and East that may not seem like much.)  Then the temperature dropped. It hasn’t been above freezing for days. Overnight lows have been at or below zero.

So the leaves are NOT raked!

Autumn Snow

Autumn Snow



More snow is in the forecast for this weekend with the possibility of it changing over to rain by Saturday. (Won’t that be fun!)

On the bright side, I now have time to work on that quilt that has been waiting for me to get back to. 🙂



Happy sledding everyone!


6 thoughts on “Pre-Winter ? Arrives

  1. We had a winter wonderland 2 weeks ago, it was super beautiful and I could take some nice photos but then it almost all melted and we had rain too. We had a white Christmas but not enough snow to go cross country skiing. The quilt looks very beautiful, you’re very talented. I wish you a wonderful New Year full of love and happiness 🙂


    • We did not have much snow here for Christmas either. We continue to get snow showers but not much snow has been accumulating. The mountains have had enough to open the ski lifts so that is good.
      I’m glad you like the quilt. I enjoy making them and it is always fun to give them to some lucky recipient. 🙂
      Blessings to you in the New Year as well. Thanks for stopping by. It is always a pleasure to chat with you!


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