Life on the Farm Continues

Hard to believe it is already November! Summer blew past like a flame and I think I had a moment when I asked “what was that?” Nevertheless, I wanted to share some photos to update my faithful followers and let you know I am still alive!!!

Enjoy the photos. I will post more in another setting. 🙂

The bantams have been laying for about six weeks. There is nothing like fresh eggs. The tomatoes did fair in the new raised beds; the green beans did NOT. The dry Black Turtle beans did fantastic however. The potatoes did not produce well at all using the bin method. Very disappointing. The fruit was abundant this year. The wheat is planted in the field. Now we busy ourselves with putting things away in anticipation of some rest.

2 thoughts on “Life on the Farm Continues

  1. Thank you for the post. I missed summer being so busy. But living life to the fullest this Autumn. Bless you and hubby loved the pics. Hope to see you soon!


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