Free Kittens

In April we had kittens born on our farm. They are growing so fast. They help keep down the rodent population so I welcome their help.

I cannot remember a time in my life that I have not had a cat. I have had dogs too. But, for me, I prefer cats over dogs.

In May we lost our last surviving cat. He was twenty years old. Our kids were about six and eight years old when we got Raven and his siblings, Winston and Sassy. Winston and Sassy died a few years ago but Raven kept hanging on.

Raven, on the left, with the two strays

Raven, on the right, with the two strays center and left.

But never fear…if you live in a rural area a stray cat will inevitably show up sooner or later. We have had two strays hanging around for a couple of years. They ate whatever food Raven  didn’t clean up and they have helped keep the rodents under control.

Early this spring a little calico showed up. She was nearly a kitten herself. She kept her distance at first and being the cat person that I am I put out a little extra food. She got braver and started coming to me when I put food out. Sometime during her early life she had lost one eye.

Not too long after the calico gained courage, KW spotted a kitten hiding in an irrigation pipe. Then a few days later we spotted another and then another. Three little kittens. The mama kept them out by the storage shed. It is likely she gave birth to them under the shed. After she weaned them I began giving them some food. Long story short, the mama has been spayed and the kittens that are now roughly five months old (?) are scheduled for neutering next week. Two “golden boys” and a black and white female tabby.

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4 thoughts on “Free Kittens

  1. You have a wonderful caring heart Debra, so good to hear about Animals being cared for, God’s creation is awesome.

    We have mostly brought our Dog’s from Animal refuges, although Missy, a Jack Russell, the same as a Hoppy a little ginger cat, came to our front door and like you with yours, they both found a home with us.

    Thank you for sharing about your cat and kitten family, I was blessed by your doing so.

    Christian Love – Anne.


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