Spring is Rapidly Approaching

It has been so warm the past couple of days that it is hard to not go out and jump into full-steam-ahead mode with garden prep. But I know better. This is what we refer to as “false spring“. With the temperature rising into the low 60’s it does draw me outside. The sun is shining; the sky is blue; and all the snow is gone. I can still see snow on the mountains around us and it does need to stay there as long as possible to provide irrigation for summer.

My potatoes are ordered and due to arrive mid-May; tomato and pepper plants are ordered and due to arrive end of May; and chicks are ordered and due to arrive April 1. Busy, busy, busy! I special order my plants to make sure they are Non-GMO. Yep! That is important to me.

The potatoes are going into bins to grow this year. Our soil is stubborn, to say the least. The rest of the garden plants will go into raised beds. Better soil and easier on my back. I am getting anxious to get my hands in the dirt!

The chicks this year will be bantams. Cochin and Araucana. (Images are from the Web)

In the meantime, I will work at getting the inside chores done.

A few photos of just a few weeks ago. (Photos from gardengateproject)

Have a great week. Hopefully my blogger friends to the East are thawing out and the snow load is decreasing.


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