They Are Here…

It is that time of year again…seed catalogs have been pouring in over the past several weeks. What shall we plant this year???


First, we sort the catalogs. Not all seed catalogs appeal to me. I am searching for those that state they only sell non-gmo seed.





If I am going to go to the trouble of planting my own garden I am going to be very picky about the seeds and seedlings I plant. I want to eat healthy. I read labels. If I can get organic and non-gmo I am happy.

I have reserved my seed potatoes from a company here in my region. KW is going to build “tater bins” for us to raise them in this year. We never have raised potatoes in cages before. Stay tuned!

But from the looks of the weather I will be dream gardening for quite sometime yet.

2014-01-08_snowplow ready



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