Birds at the Feeder

I enjoy feeding the birds. They “work” for me here on my farm-land. Every now and then there is a surprise at the feeder.


Apparently the finch on the lower support is a bit surprised too!


Happy trails, snowbirds!

3 thoughts on “Birds at the Feeder

  1. I also enjoy feeding the birds and have done so for the past 21 years. I also feed the deers !
    Have a lovely week-end Debra 🙂


    • I have great times of reflection while watching the birds at the feeder. I have seen deer tracks this winter but I have not caught them in our orchard area this year. Usually they “nibble” relentlessly at the apple trees. We had to take our apple trees out since the worms were doing so much damage to the apples. We choose organic methods in our garden and apples are hard to keep if there are any trees in the area left unsprayed and there definitely are those around us.
      Have a great weekend too Jocelyne.


      • Yes, very difficult to keep apple trees healthy without spraying. I have 2 cortland trees but the apples are not too bad. I had 9 deers in my backyard yesterday, at 4h40 in the afternoon ! 🙂


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