Sewing Help

I haven’t sewn much clothing for years…since I stopped sewing for my kids. They got to the age where they did not appreciate me dressing them “cute”. What’s with that anyway?

I have recently started sewing a little for myself. I must admit I am a bit rusty with fitting clothes. I use to be so well practiced I didn’t have to look at the instructions much. Now I am referring to the pattern OFTEN.


I use to hardly use any pins. Now I use 1000’s.


Well maybe only 100’s.

But I couldn’t do any sewing without my helper.


Meet my ED cat, Houston. ED stands for Electronic Device. If you are busy with your Kindle, PC, Smartphone, etc.,

Houston has a (NTK) need to know what you are doing; oh and by the way, that heat feels good coming out of that laptop…


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