The Colors of Fall

Mid-October brought the beginning of Fall color to our yard. Fall colors, warm sweaters, apple crisp…sounds like a song from Sound of Music doesn’t it? These definitely are a few of my favorite things!

2013-10-13_the colors of fall

The ginnala maple in the center turns a russet color first with the weeping cherry on the left following close behind. In the foreground is a sand cherry bush that decided it would rather be a tree. It’s leaves are burgundy Spring through Fall. Between the sand cherry and the maple is a blue spruce. Just to the right of the sand cherry is a lilac trimmed into a topiary shape. I bought the lilac that way and keep it pruned into the round shape. I remember that it was grafted onto another root stock for this purpose but I do not remember what it was. I fondly refer to this as my shrub bed although there are more trees than shrubs. I have varied the height of plantings to provide cover for wildlife. The quail love it. They come in the evening to roost in the spruce. As the trees and shrubs mature I continue to increase the canopy of the trees to make room for the shrubs to mature. In time I will add shade-loving plants such as hostas and ferns.

Life is a work in progress. Just like these plantings we are pruned by life’s challenges. Like the song from Sound of Music, Edelweiss, we bloom and grow.

Please share your thoughts.

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