Autumn Has Arrived

The leaves take on their coat of brilliance.

Nature takes its que from the squirrel as it scurries about gathering food to sustain it for the season to come.

The morning air is crisp like a freshly harvested apple delighting the senses.

The flowers cease to bloom and prepare for a long sleep through the season to come with a knowing that they will bloom again.

The snowbirds prepare for their journey to their second home, while others have already left. Those that remain prepare their nests deep within the branches of the spruce trees on our land. They feed on the lingering supply of insects and seeds.

Seedtime and harvest, these things remain. The cycle of life continues.

3 thoughts on “Autumn Has Arrived

  1. I always enjoy your thoughts about nature, the seasons and their changes, and how it applies to life. Thanks for taking the time to share your insights. They are very encouraging:-)


  2. What beautiful words Debra ! We have a wonderful autumn here this year, always sunny and warm. Have a beautiful week-end 🙂


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