What I Did On My Summer Vacation

I have lived in this region for most of my life. This was a summer to remember. HOT!!! for sooooooo long! No rain…unless you count that storm that b-l-e-w through over a week ago that caused flooding in some areas.

So this summer I watered and weeded. Weeded and watered. Watered some more…gave up on weeding and had KW cut the weeds off at the ground and tried not to water the weeds that were doing great, thank you very much! I continued to deep water my trees and shrubs and the lawn. All dry weeds and brush were kept cut down and cleared where possible to prevent fire hazards.

Oh and the fires…EVERYWHERE! A lot of  forest fires, range fires and fires that started here and there mostly by lack of responsibility from people. Most of the forest and range fires in our area were caused by lightning. Yes, that’s right. We had thunder storms with powerful lightning but little to no rain.

I am so glad that I did not do a garden this year. I have a pot with salad greens freshly planted since the temperatures have finally begun to cool.  Snow peas and lettuce are coming up quite nicely. Flea beetles ate the leaves off my radishes practically over night. ERRR!

We did get a nice harvest of a couple dozen softball sized peaches off our tree that is just a few years old. Great cobbler! Great crisp! And the ice cream was good but I think I need to fuss with the recipe a bit.

Here are a few photos of plants in my half barrels on the patio. Time to enjoy my garden gate project again.    : )  Debra

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