A Walk Along the Riviera?

KW and I often walk along the canal that flows behind our property. We tease about it being our very own Riviera. Well there are no gondolas or music or outside cafe but there certainly is plenty of beautiful nature to see.

Sunday walk

2013-06-09_08-30-27_135bright morning sun

2013-06-09_08-42-29_380canal walk

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5 thoughts on “A Walk Along the Riviera?

  1. You live in a beautiful place ! So different from where I live. Your Riviera is so inviting and peaceful, such a beautiful place, and behind your property, wow… 🙂


    • Thank you. I have never been to your area. I have been to BC but never to Quebec. Our area of our state is a high desert region. Summer translates to hot days (upper 90’s to 100 + degrees F.) but night-time temperatures can drop 40 – 50 degrees.It has been much hotter than I like for longer than I like. It is a challenge to keep flowers, trees, shrubs, etc. watered thoroughly. I am looking forward to Autumn; one of my favorite times of the year. Have a great weekend. Debra


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