Scrounging For Seeds

I was sitting outside enjoying a morning cup of coffee when something moved in my peripheral view. I slowly moved toward my smartphone that was on the armrest of my chair and captured these two photos.



I was surprised at just how close this little squirrel came to me. He looked around under the bird feeder a bit to see if the blackbirds and finches had dropped any morsels on the ground. Usually the doves and quail clean up under the feeders as soon as anything hits the ground. Too late little squirrel.

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2 thoughts on “Scrounging For Seeds

  1. Love you.
    While in California I had a squirrel who had his residence in my tree. He was an unfriendly monstrous sort & chased anything including my family & friends. You had to pass the tree to get to our door. Also any animal that came close to his tree; he let nothing close to him. As I persuaded him I was an ally through the next few months it became apparent he wasn’t monstrous but was afraid. He was a one armed squirrel, & the other neighborhood squirrels always tried to steal his food supply, thus resulting in his no trust policy & terrorizing all. I was so like the mean little critter until Jesus became my ally & proved He was my
    source for daily nourishment. Thank you for the memory.


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