Sunday Walk

Nearly every Sunday morning KW and I enjoy an early morning walk. I guess you could call it a constitutional walk because we enjoy seeing the beauty of creation all around us. I am not always able to capture the beauty that my eyes see. Many times the photos I take do not turn out the way I want them to.

2013-05-26_08-07-33_281walnutrowroadSometimes the photos do turn out. As I have said before, I am not a professional photographer. I am sure I do not need to tell you pros that. 🙂

These walks are a great time for pondering also. Those of you who regularly follow this site know that I am a ponderer. 

I tried to capture the contrast between the approaching storm and the brilliance in the tree color and the textures of the tree bark and the contrast of the road. The neighbors had recently burned the road side ditch so that too adds another layer to the photo. Even the power lines add some interest as does the t-post and barbed wire fence.

Now for the pondering…

Our lives are a contrast; full of textures and layers of colors; at times there are stormy skies. There are times when some things in our lives must be burned away to eliminate weeds and their seeds. Many times we erect fences to keep others out but sometimes fences are there to establish boundaries and even to protect what is on the inside. The power line needs to be kept in good working condition to keep us energized; whether the power refers to proper food for our physical sustenance or exercising to keep physically fit. The phone line, even though it is underground in the photo, is necessary for communication. Good communication is essential for there to be good flow in relationships. 

Hoping you have a great week. Debra

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Walk

  1. Thank you for prompting me to ponder on whether my communication is buried for protection or is it open before my creator God. Love you Debra.


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