A Memorable Mother’s Day

As I was making my cup of coffee this morning my mind drifted back to a Mother’s Day many years ago.

Our children were quite young. They somehow managed to slip down the stairs and fix me breakfast without me waking up. (I’m a light sleeper so that in itself was a miracle) I remember the gentle knock on the door and then the two of them bringing in a breakfast tray with their very best effort to surprise me. The look on their faces was priceless. Beaming smiles and nervous expectancy hoping MOM would be pleased.

Now the breakfast was indeed memorable! Scrambled eggs with only a few small pieces of shell; hash-brown potatoes not quite cooked long enough and I did notice a bandage on the finger of one of my children (hoping not too much flesh from where the finger and grater came into contact with each other made it into the potatoes); darkly browned toast; and coffee with a swirl of grounds in the bottom of the cup!

What MOM could ask for a more delightful breakfast prepared by the hands of her two precious children? 

Hoping that your day is filled with pleasant memories.

Blessings, Debra   🙂

Thanks goes to Jason and Jessica for the very delightful memories. Love you both!

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