The Garden Hoe

In this post I want to share a very useful tool with you. It is called the wheel hoe. This is a time saver for weeding your garden beds and edging those beds.


I purchased this tool from Peaceful Valley ( To view the product online click on this link.



The wheel hoe is available with a pneumatic wheel or the steel one that I have. Due to the number of puncture weed a.k.a. goat heads I have to deal with, I chose the steel wheel. The handle is adjustable up and down using the metal tube piece near the wheel. It is easy to adjust to fit your needs. I have the 5 inch stirrup blade that it comes with but other widths are available.

Use the tool by performing a push then pull motion to slice through the weeds cutting them off at the ground or slightly below depending on the texture of your soil.

This tool will give you a full body workout! Especially the upper body but also the core muscles, glutes and thighs.

Happy Gardening!  Debra

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