Dealing with Inconsistency in Life

***Warning*** This article is based on my own viewpoint and is not intended to be judgmental, biased, or political!!!

This has been a month of great pondering for me. If you are reading this prepare yourself for my rambling thoughts. :p

The word inconsistency seems to be foremost in my mind as I view the things around me. The weather for one! This month we have had some days that were in the 70 degree range and then nights that dropped into the 20’s and one night down to 16 degrees. All this after the apricot and peach tree bloomed. 😦  I planted wildflower seeds in a spot visible from my windows and radishes and lettuce in a pot near my door. Some of the seeds have come through the ground but seem to be thinking about whether they want to be out or not. The weeds however have not seemed to be in the least bit discouraged by the inconsistency of the weather. :0 We have had a considerable amount of wind and very little rain. Things are really dry.

Sunrise the morning following a day of rain.

Sunrise the morning following a day of rain.

Life comes with challenges as I have stated in many posts related to this blog. I don’t need to reiterate those points here. We put our shoulder to the wheel and press on. (Putting your shoulder to the wheel means to put full effort into the task.)

The job situation has been inconsistent with lay offs, call backs, and part-time work. But God is faithful to supply ALL our needs. I have spoke with friends who are also having job challenges.

My heart goes out to the many lives that have been effected by the tragedies in our nation. My condolences to those of you reading this post that have lost friends and family. May God comfort you during this time. These tragedies bring inconsistency into our lives. They bring disruption from the peace and security that we cherish.

On Friday, April 19 my mother went home to be with the Lord. She had suffered for years with Alzheimer’s. It gives me great peace to know she no longer suffers. I rejoice in the fact that she rests with the Lord. The inconsistencies she had endured for years of illness no longer plague her body.

***Political Reference not intended to offend*** The inconsistencies in our nations politics are disgruntling to me. But I follow the instruction given me by God’s word and I pray for those in leadership over me.

So I send blessings to each and everyone of you reading this post. May the month of April bring you favor with God and man. May the inconsistencies of life fade into the background and may you find stability and strength to keep pressing on.

Blessings, Debra 

5 thoughts on “Dealing with Inconsistency in Life

  1. So sorry for the loss of your Mother….hugs to you! After reading this…I paused and thought about the one consistent thing – Our Father’s hand, which is always there for us to hold onto, weep into, grip in frustration, hug in fear. Blessings to you!


  2. My condolences for the passing of your mother Debra. It’s true, there are many inconsistencies in life but I think there’s always a valuable lesson that can be learned from them, even if we don’t see it at first. I wish you a peaceful and comforting day with your loved ones during these difficult times.


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