Repairing the Connection

What do you do when the wire for your game pad is damaged? Well, if you are JM you ask DAD to fix it!

Computer Techs at work

Computer Techs at work

Dad and son joined together to repair a wire to a game pad that cost over $60. A little soldering and new heat shrink and all is well. Nice to have some “geeks” in the family that understand computers.

Computers are not my strong point! So glad to have people who can diagnosis what is going on with my laptop.

This picture made me think of working together to bridge the generation gap. Since my kids were home-schooled they never thought that much about age. They learned to respect people regardless of age, gender, race, or ability. It’s good to be able to communicate with others and be willing to hear their viewpoint even if we don’t agree. There are still things that can be agreed on and that can still be a basis for relationship.



2 thoughts on “Repairing the Connection

  1. Such good, insightful thoughts. That picture speaks volumes along with your words. Keep the posts coming. They are filled with life!


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