What’s Up for March?

If you have been keeping up with my monthly pondering points it is time for this month’s pondering.

This is the month of letting go of baggage. You know…the worries, the things you cannot change, the regrets of past chapters of your life.

*Think* go fly a kite. Literally! 

from tumblr.com

from tumblr.com

I don’t mean get lost, bug off, or any of the other thoughts we may have connected to that phrase of flying a kite. What I am implying is to take it easy on yourself. Enjoy yourself. Take time to celebrate who God created you to be.

As I stated in a previous post, sometimes life is challenging. Sometimes life is hard. Okay. Sometimes life stinks! But we push through the challenges and move on. We become stronger. We become wiser. We make better choices.

So in the meantime, smile. Breathe. Fly a kite. Let the breeze carry you away to happy times.


For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1 (New Living Translation 2007)


4 thoughts on “What’s Up for March?

  1. Thanks, Debra, for the words of encouragement shared today. So true, for me and I’m sure it speaks to all those who follow your blog. Your thoughts contain much wisdom. Thanks!


  2. Some of my favorite memories of my son Jacob; we are in the alfalfa field flying our dual kite. If you lift your feet while the wind is strong it can carry you a few feet. As my health deteriorated & I became wheelchair bound, the Lord would take me to the place of freedom in the flight, with the promise I would walk again. I had to learn that everything has purpose. I have been wheelchair free for many years because God is healing, so remember next time you fly a kite lift your feet so God can speak to you!


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