Collecting Memories

I wanted to share some of my favorite tree ornaments with you. This first one I found in a local shop.

Notice  there is an axe next to him. The axe my daughter made from clay many years ago when she was just a cute little blonde haired girl. She gave it to her dad for a Christmas gift. We would always go to the wood and cut down a tree to decorate for Christmas and so the axe symbolized her dad cutting down the tree. 😀


The snowmen ornaments I found at the same local shop. They reminded me of being a child and the excitement of that first big snow and rushing out to build a snowman. The snow would be so fresh and clean. It had the right amount of moisture in it to really pack so it made great snowmen. Powder snow wouldn’t work. 




Memories come in many shapes and sizes. We collect them or ignore them as we 

travel through this life. The snow we use to build snowmen may melt away but

we can treasure and cherish the memories we share with those around us.

Count your blessings this day. Each day is precious. 

Have a blessed week.  Debra


Please share your thoughts.

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