A Feast for Your Eyes

I was pondering this morning about what makes each of us have a favorite season of the year?

Is it something about the way we see things in our daily walk through life?

Does it say something about how we process each day in our life?

Spring is so full of new life. Tiny crocus push their heads through the still cold soil determined to be the first burst of color for the season. Often times they receive snow on their beautiful faces as a storm pushes through. As the snow melts you find them blooming on.

Spring is such a flurry of activity. Once things awaken they are all in a hurry to show off their buds, blooms and new growth.

Summer follows with all of its own activities. So many things to do to be out in the warm sunshine.

Then comes the intense heat of late July and August and we retreat to our air-conditioned homes venturing out in early morning and late evening.

Plants struggle to survive. Animals seek shade. Water is a necessity that cannot be taken for granted.

Then the transition begins. The temperatures ever so gradually loses its intensity and nature breathes a sigh of relief.

Nectar gathering insects are busy gathering the last bit of sweetness from the flowers.

Plants that went semi-dormant begin to perk up again for their last hurrah!Colors intensify as if to say, “look at me!”

Then all is quiet as nature rests to prepare for the change of seasons again.

I would say about myself that I enjoy the intensely beautiful things of life. I enjoy the warm and cozy things of life.

What about you? What does your favorite season say about you?

Have a blessed and favorable week. I hope you can take time to enjoy the season.

Blessings from Debra who is enjoying her favorite season. Enjoying the blaze of glorious colors and fresh, crisp air; tangy apples and the harvest of the garden produce.

6 thoughts on “A Feast for Your Eyes

  1. I love spring for its renewal, gardening begins, fresh rain falls to green everything up. I love fall for its brilliant display of changing colors to reflect the change in seasons and I use it as a time to reflect on the year so far. Winter brings the busyness and excitement of holidays but also the quiet coziness of being inside on a chilly, snowy day. Love early summer but not a fan of intense heat.
    Thanks for the reflections Debra!


  2. You are gonna laugh at my answer… I love winter because it’s the only way to spring. I love summer because it’s been introduced by spring. And I love fall because it reminds me of the process of shedding the old and preparing for the new birth in spring… Thusly, I LOVE SPRING! 🙂


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