Saying Goodbye to a Friend

For most years of my life I have had a dog. I had a childhood dog that lived to be 16. She was a mixed breed of cocker spaniel and dachshund. I told her ALL my secrets and she never told anyone EVER!

Since that childhood dog I have owned Lhasa Apsos, which I thought I would be a breeder of. Well, we had one litter and I had a horrible time finding homes for those five little babies! Not because people didn’t want them mind you. It is just that these were my babies and I insisted on interviewing anyone who seriously wanted one! Thus the breeding program came to a halt as I could not go through that again. (Warning to my two adult children! You know that I will interview that special someone you bring to meet me when you decide that this is the one you want to marry.) My first Lhasa Apso was a gift from my fiance (yep, I married him!).

I have also owned three German Shepherds. Our first one, was an absolutely, incredible dog. I have never known a dog as loyal as Casey. She was very special. The second one we owned is better off not mentioned. The third one was a sweet boy with ALOT of energy. He loved catching snowballs.

I had a yellow lab for a week. I was kind of a foster home, as we ended up giving her to another family. She was so much fun. WATER was her middle name!!! if you know what I mean. 😀

Twelve years ago we went to the Humane Society looking for a dog to fill the grieving place in our heart after losing Casey through a very tragic death. Walking through that place and looking at so many dogs screaming at you, “pick me”. I saw this shy, quiet little puppy in one pen with her rambunctious litter mates and knew she was the one. (I have a thing for runts of the litter). She became our Annie. She was a mixed breed of Terrier, Australian Shepherd and who knows what else. She loved to play fetch; go for walks; nap beside you and she could snore quite loudly.


We said goodbye to Annie Friday, October 12 at 2:30 PM. We do miss her but know she no longer suffers. Farewell, friend Annie. Thank you for your time you shared with us and bringing us so many smiles and laughter, comfort and companionship.

Annie with her friend Hap E.

We buried Annie next to our cats that she loved to play with. The cats (three of them) have died over the past eight years. They had all lived long lives. One was 17 at her death.

From Debra planting flowers and tears on the pet cemetery.

8 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to a Friend

  1. My heart goes out to you, so sorry for your loss! Our furry family members are just that…family, and losing any of them is so very hard. Praying for you!


    • Thanks so much Britt. I cherish each moment I have with those I love. Life is a treasure just waiting to be unpacked and savored. Blessings from Debra.


  2. Praying that your tears of sorrow at your loss can be shifted to tears of joy at all the wonderful memories that have been left behind. I love that The Lord can use our pets to bring us into His arms! Hope you can feel my “prayer hugs”… 🙂


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