Autumn Splendor

Autumn Splendor

The changing of the season…I do enjoy Autumn. The colors, the smells, the harvest…it is a blessed time of the year. May we all recognize the season and enjoy the splendor of the majesty shared with us by the creator!

Apple Crisp

One of my favorite things in Autumn is homemade apple crisp. Nothing like fresh from the orchard apples from your local area. Crisp flesh, juicy and just the right blend of tart and sweet. Yum!

Like many of you, KW and myself are busy attempting to get as much done as possible before the next season arrives. We have done some exterior trim painting. We are planting three new trees. We got one honey locust planted yesterday. It would seem that at our age it takes longer to get things done than it did 20 years ago. What’s with that anyway? Only two more trees to go! There is still plenty of last-minute weeding to do just so those nasty weed seeds don’t get the chance to hibernate in my flowerbeds over winter. Always projects to do now that the heat of summer has subsided and the temperature makes it more pleasant to be outside working.

Have a blessed week. From Debra in my garden with the muscle rub close at hand. : )


5 thoughts on “Autumn Splendor

  1. Yes – Autumn is such a wonderfully beautiful season! We, too, are winding down with garden chores & it is a VERY GOOD feeling…a “good tired” at the end of the day. I can smell your apple crisp… 🙂


  2. Hi Debra ! I love your photo of the leaves, it’s so beautiful against the blue sky. Oh ! and I love apple crisp, one of my favourite recipe of the season. I have so many chores to do in the garden,but when the sun is shining it’s so wonderful to be outside in autumn !


    • Hi Jocelyn. Thank you so much for the very nice comment. It is so good to see you.
      Last week I made peach crumble and that too was wonderful. I enjoy using produce in season to make all kinds of goodies.
      Yes I will continue to work at gardening chores as long as the weather allows. We are supposed to have some much cooler weather coming in. That after today’s high temperature of 77 degrees. I do so enjoy Indian Summer; all the while enjoying those glorious colors of Autumn.
      Thanks again for stopping by. Have a fantastic week!


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