From Harvest to Freezer and Pantry Shelves

Nature breathes a sigh of relief as Autumn teases us with crisp mornings and warm afternoons. The intensity of the sun wavers as it begins its journey south and the north land prepares for winter. Robins and red-wing blackbirds have returned after their visit to higher elevations during the heat of summer. They soon will migrate south and join the hummingbirds that only recently departed.

Gardens and fields produce their bounty for anxious harvesters to capture and preserve the flavors to be enjoyed long after the summer’s heat is forgotten.

Peach preserves, canned tomatoes, jams, and salsa, beans, and sauces gracefully line the pantry shelves.

Freezers fill with produce to provide fresh picked flavor when the winter winds howl and the snow blows. Corn on the cob, grated zucchini for warm from the oven bread, green beans, Roma tomatoes, blackberry, raspberry and strawberry jams wait to awaken taste buds as sweaters and quilts are taken from closets and chests to fulfill their mission for winter.

May your larder be filled with provision for your families this season. May your needs be met in full and your household blessed.

From my garden to yours. Debra


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