Weekend Endeavors

The Fruit of Our Labor

I have one tomato plant in a pot on my patio for fresh eating. I went to a local Farmer’s Market and purchased two boxes of tomatoes to can. I like knowing what goes into my food. In these jars there is tomatoes and salt. Period.

I spent the weekend canning these tomatoes with the very appreciated help of my husband. God bless him. He is truly a gem.

Today, the cleanup! I have two weeks to focus on a few other projects before the Elberta Peaches are ready to can. *Sigh* I think I will start by putting my feet up. 🙂

From the garden. Debra

2 thoughts on “Weekend Endeavors

  1. Had just stopped at our local Farmer’s Market and saw the peaches beginning to be unloaded and was thinking the same thing…time to can and time to put the feet up! The huckleberries they had were the size of blueberries! Bless your day!


    • We went to the mountains a few weeks ago and the huckleberries at that location were tiny and few. We were running short on time so I didn’t get to pick any. 😦 I love huckleberries! When we lived near McCall the berries were practically out my back door. I got really spoiled to that.
      Blessings to you as well. Thanks for stopping by.


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