It has been one for the records where weather is concerned. With all the talk across the States of how hot and dry it is, I thought you might enjoy seeing how one of my garden beds is thriving in the heat. These plants are well adapted to the heat. What can we learn from these plants that could make us bloom and thrive inspite of being dry and thirsty?

Hmm. What about in our daily walk? Feeling dry and thirsty? Usually we complain when we are uncomfortable. How can we learn to thrive in spite of what is going on around us? Most plants that thrive in the heat have some type of built in system that provides a buffer from the heat. Fuzzy stems; thick, succulent leaves; grey/green coloring; thin, strippy leaves…

How can we adapt and learn to thrive and be content when things around us “heat up”?

Maybe some shade and a tall glass of iced tea will help. 🙂

Happy gardening!

Flowers in photos are: dianthus, coneflower, russian sage and everbearing strawberries.

Heat Tolerent Plants in Raised Bed made with “Cinder Blocks”

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