What to Do With Apricots

Cookbook from the past.

We had a WARM weekend. It was 102 degrees Saturday. It is forcast to be 108 degrees this Wednesday. I am sure those of you from the Deep South and the Midwest understand what I am talking about. So glad the temperatures have cooled slightly for you.

We picked apricots this weekend. I made Apricot Pineapple Jam and Apricot Sauce on Saturday afternoon.

I have more canning to do tomorrow. The sauce is spectacular on Buttermilk Pancakes. The jam is fantastic on homemade bread and biscuits. It is even great right off of the spoon. 🙂

Have a great week. Time for me to rest! Debra

5 thoughts on “What to Do With Apricots

  1. Am so afraid of canning.. I never can before.. I do like to learn it someday so that I’ve confident in canning my abundance of tomatoes..


    • I cold-pack mostly. Some things do require me to use the pressure canner. I don’t use it too often. It is nice to look at all those jars filled with the “fruit” of your labor. Something you cannot get from a grocery store. 🙂


    • You can cold-pack tomatoes because of their high acid content. They are pretty easy to do other than the peeling is time consuming. You slip the tomatoes into boiling water just briefly until their skin cracks then lift them out and plunge them into ice water. Again, not hard just time consuming. Then you can pack them whole in jars. When I am ready to use them I can cut them up them; remove the seeds if necessary; put them in my food processor for a homemade sauce…The best part of home canning is knowing exactly what is in the food. 🙂


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