Morning Meditation

I took these photos yesterday while enjoying a cup of coffee outside. The clouds kept it refreshingly cool for part of the morning. I enjoy the early morning. It gives me time in the quiet, still hours to meditate on the beauty of creation and the wonder and majesty of my God.

Yesterday afternoon heated up. It is forecast to be hot today. I realize that many of you reading this post have been enduring triple digit temperature for TOO LONG. May a gentle breeze refresh your tired spirit today. 🙂

I spent part of yesterday morning pulling weeds in my rose garden. The earwigs are thriving this summer. Since we had a mild winter and then things warmed up early it has propagated an abundance of these creatures. My dahlias have really suffered from their continual munching. I have used diatomaceous earth around them but it hasn’t seemed to slow them down any. Our potatoes are already dying back. Here in the northern part of the States harvest generally comes later for all our produce. We picked apricots yesterday. MORE EARWIGS! There is a robin nesting in one of the trees so she did not appreciate our intrusion. Sorry no pictures of the nest holding two little blue eggs. You cannot hold onto the ladder, hold a camera and duck from an angry robin all at the same time. LOL!

Have a blessed and beautiful weekend! From my contemplative garden, Debra.

I will take mine black.

Clouds at sunrise.


6 thoughts on “Morning Meditation

  1. Many people are talking about the drought and heat wave in their blogs, it’s awful ! We don’t have it here in Quebec, I’m not sure if other provinces in Canada have it though. I’m not sure if I understand well when you say that your potatoes are dying back (I’m french… !) Do you mean they’re dying out of a lack of water or because harvest time came earlier for potatoes this year ? You have apricots, how wonderful ! Where are you exactly in the States to have apricots ? I love the photos of the sky, especially the second one. Have a beautiful day !


    • Bonjour in Quebec!
      Our potatoes have finished producing for the season which means harvest will be earlier. I apologize for the confusion. We are able to irrigate our garden. We have harvested around 50 pounds from our plantings in years past. Not sure how it will be this year. It will be a little while yet before we dig them.
      We have smoke heavy in our air because of wildfires burning around us. It is forecast to be 106 degrees today.
      We have two apricot trees. They are about five year old trees and are producing well.
      I live south of the border quite a bit from British Columbia in the state of Idaho. I am about a day’s drive from the border. I live in a high desert surrounded by mountains. Our winters aren’t too bad. Lows can get below 0 degrees and we can get a few inches of snow on average though the snow usually doesn’t stay on the ground long here in our location. It is not unusual to have a couple of weeks of HOT weather in late July and early August. Many people like to float the river to cool off. The mountains around us usually get many feet of snow throughout December and at times through March and the snow usually begins melting and finding its way to the rivers in May/June. There are several reservoirs near us to catch all that run-off and it is used for irrigation. Of course, water skiers use the reservoirs for recreational purposes. There are several snow ski resorts near us. Many people fish in the reservoirs and the rivers. Our state has many areas productive in agriculture. Boise, the capital city, has industrial businesses; software business such as HP and Micron; and farm land is never far from any of the cities. There are several farmer’s markets that draw those desiring fresh grown produce and local honey.
      Sorry that I don’t speak French to converse with you. Idaho has many places with French names. Boise was named by a Frenchman because of the trees that he saw in the valley along the river when he arrived on an expedition many, many years ago.
      May your day be blessed and prosperous. A la prochaine fois. (I hope that is the proper term and not an insult. I looked on the internet for a way to say “see you later” in French.) Debra


      • Thank you Debra ! Now I know exactly where you live and what are your surroundings, it’s great !
        Don’t worry you don’t speak French to converse with me, I have no problem with English. It’s so sweet of you to have looked on the internet for “see you later” in French 🙂 don’t worry, it’s the proper term !


  2. I, too, love the mornings – but I like a bit of cream + sweet in my coffee, lol. Sky pictures are one of my favorites to take – so beautiful… He is an amazing Creator! 🙂


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