Thanks Dad!

To all the dad’s, future dads, want to be dads…happy Father’s Day!
Thanks to all the dads who have shared the challenges of parenting; who have shared the joys and challenges and at times sorrows of raising children. Kids need their dad just as much as they need their mom. Thanks to all those men who have been “dads” to kids who have not had a good relationship with their paternal father. You stood in the gap and fathered kids who never knew their dad or their dad walked out on them. Thanks! Thanks to all the brothers and uncles who stood in for dad in his absence for one reason or another. Thanks men for being DAD!

I hope you have a great day! Debra

My dad on a ship somewhere in the Pacific in WW2

Thank you to my husband for being a loving dad to our two kids and also Happy Birthday on this Friday. 😉


4 thoughts on “Thanks Dad!

  1. Really appreciated these thoughts. I join you in honoring the men who have a father’s heart for those in need and who have stepped up to the challenge of investing their lives in the lives of others to produce integrity, lasting values, respect for God and others.


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