Kind of a nesting day. I have several projects started and today seemed to be the day to get some of them done. A little interior painting, mending a quilt, hanging a couple of pictures, sorting through papers, and of coarse, a load of laundry. There always seems to be laundry to do. I had planned to take advantage of the cooler temperature and bake a pan of cinnamon rolls only to discover that I was out of flour. Wow! How did that happen? No cinnamon rolls today.  😦

I have a new toy for my garden. It’s called a wheel hoe. A hoe on a wheel. Works fantastic. Makes quick work of weeding. Actually makes weeding fun and not bad for an upper body workout too.

We had a storm literally blow through on Monday evening. High winds and close to a 1/4 inch of rain. One big branch was twisted off one of our maple trees. The tree will survive. We had some of our apples blown from the trees. Over all there was minimal damage.

Have a great week.

Debra, meditating in her thinking room.

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