A Productive Weekend

While some may have spent their weekends camping, my husband and I worked in the yard. We didn’t start any big DIY project but just spent the time catching up on yard work. We have had some cool wet weather and things have a way of falling behind. All in all we enjoyed a good weekend without pulling any muscles. We took time out to barbecue a couple of T-bones Sunday. Enjoy the pictures.

Enjoying the view from the garden. Debra

Apples Wear Pantyhose


One thought on “A Productive Weekend

  1. You just described my favorite Sunday! There is nothing more relaxing for my husband and I than to spend all day working in the yard and garden. This weekend we mulched all our tomato plants and then put up a system to support them. Plus he bought some PVC pipe and sprinkler heads to make watering everything a lot easier, he worked on that also. It really will make things so much easier. I need to take a picture of how he did it and post it


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