Warriors or Refugees?

This is a guest post. This person wanted to share their viewpoint of how they see some churches and some of the people who attend these churches at this time in history. This article is not intended to criticize, condemn or offend. It is intended as an article to perhaps engage in critical thinking…not criticizing. There is a difference. Please leave your comments and thoughts.


Are we warriors or are we refugees?

Come as you are…and never change. Churches have become the babysitting centers for Christians. A place for believers to come and gather with like-minded people and worship the Father in a scripted, well-rehearsed half hour of song, followed by the routine of offering and fellowship and announcements. Then we get the meat–or what is supposed to be the meat, but frequently what we are fed is mashed into palpable food that is suitable for infants.

We come to a place where we are comfortable and secure, seeking refuge from the world outside. But if all we seek from God is love and assurance and a safe place to hide away from the things of the world, we’re nothing more than refugees.

Are we not called to be warriors? God gave us his Word, his promises, and with it he gave us his Armor. We are told to put on the Armor of God in Ephesians. What good is armor if we toss it on, lugging it with us all day, but never going to war?

Our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against the powers of darkness sent by Satan into this world. If we don’t fight for the lost and hopeless who don’t know God, then who will? Isn’t it our purpose on this earth?

It’s time to leave the life of the refugee behind. It’s time to put on the Armor of God, take up the Sword of Truth, and go out into the world and fight.

Signed – Wealth of Love

Please share your thoughts.

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