Glorious Spring

I have been busy in the garden. The crabgrass, cheatgrass and dandelions have been flourishing. The winter was very mild. There are already a lot of wasps very active. I have also seen more bees this year than I have for quite some time. My fruit trees are blossoming profusely. I have both sweet and sour cherries, apricots, peach and apple trees. The ornamentals are also glorious. I have two varieties of crabapple, a weeping cherry, a flowering plum, and sand cherry bushes. The lilac is in full bloom. The poplar and silver maple have leafed out; the sycamore and oak are past the green tip stage as well.

It would seem that spring and summer are trying to merge into one. We had record high temperatures this weekend. My husband is anxious to ride his motorcycle. I have seen several riding their “bikes” throughout the winter taking advantage of the milder temperatures and the minimal amount of snow.

We didn’t buy any new chicks this spring. We got rid of our chickens in the fall. We have some modifications to make on our chicken house so that is a project on the list to get done this summer. I have more raised beds to add to the garden spot. I have a bench to add to my rose garden. I have some expansion work to do there. The pasture needs overseeding but that will wait until fall. There is always plenty to do. For now I think it is time to sit back and admire the view from the window to my garden.

In the garden, listening to the birds. Debra


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