Static In the Garden


What does static look like in the garden? I know you are familiar with that sensation inside your home when you get off the couch and touch something metal or electrical and get a static charge. But does static take place in the garden?
I was recently eating at a restaurant during lunch hour and everything was abuzz. Dishes clattering, people chattering, cell phones ringing…you too are probably familiar with these sounds I am describing. It is challenging to hear what your server is saying to you and for them to hear you when you tell them what you would like from the menu.
I have to wonder how many times there is so much clamoring in the atmosphere that it challenges us to hear from Father. Remember where Daniel prayed for 21 days before an angel finally arrived and said that he had some battling to do before he could get there BUT Daniel’s prayer had been heard at the beginning? How many times do we go to prayer and wonder why it is taking so long for God to hear us? Hmmm. Did we ask “amiss” or is our timing off or is there warfare in the atmosphere that must be dealt with?
When I’m in my garden working with my hands I listen to the many sounds around me. There are birds chattering in the trees. The wind rustles the tall grass at the border of the property under the trees. Quail call to one another. Sometimes I hear a pheasant in the pasture. Cattle across the road are mooing. And occasionally I can hear the neighbor’s horse neighing or their roosters crowing.

Still what does static in the garden sound like or does it exist? Or is it just more enjoyable to my ears than the clamoring of what to someone else maybe lunch hour clamor is pleasant.

Ponderings. Debra


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