Time in God’s Garden

Time influences balance.
Have you ever walked through the woods and marveled at the balance of nature? That delicate balance did not come about by accident. Unless a seed falls to the ground and dies, it’s just a seed. (my paraphrase of John 12:24.)
Those mighty pine trees are standing there as a result of endurance and perseverance. When you lean back and admire the height of a mighty redwood tree you can appreciate its beauty but many may not realize what it has gone through to achieve such greatness. Drought, disease, wind, fire, rodents, elk rubbing the velvet off their antlers, snowstorms, drenching rain, erosion,  and yes, even man, has challenged the tree to defy the odds of survival. Some have not survived the myriad of challenges. Sometimes you may see a tree bent and twisted but its roots are still strong. Its growth has been greatly stunted and it will never reach the impressive height of the neighboring trees. It does however cling on to survival. Its roots continue to pull moisture and nutrients from the soil. This twisted tree refuses to give up but chances are that its lifespan has been greatly reduced. It is not good for lumber nor of much good for firewood. In the hands of a gifted individual however it could be honed into a piece of artwork.
The challenges we each face in life are just that – challenges. Its more about what we do with the challenges. Challenges build character. Some may develop the characteristics of the twisted tree I mentioned. Some may become the mighty redwood but in the hands of our Creator we are all precious. We are all beautiful. The tall majestic redwood may become siding or a deck for a home. The twisted tree however could become a piece of artwork displayed on the coffee table safe from the continued onslaught of the outdoor elements that the once mighty redwood must continue to endure but now does not have the natural protection of the bark that once surrounded its beautiful wood.

So whether you are a mighty redwood transformed to be a covering or perhaps a strong surface to be enjoyed and last a very long time (even though it is “walked on”)  or someone who has become an ornament to bring pleasure to others or maybe you are somewhere in-between, you are still important to your Father. We are all in transition, so don’t despair. We are all significant even though we don’t always see how there can ever be an end to the challenge(s) we may presently be going through.

Take a walk in the woods with Father.   Listen to the trees as they “sigh” in the breeze.   We can learn many lessons by listening to God’s creation around us.   I  bless  you  this  day  to  be  at  rest  and  know that  your  heavenly  Father  cares  and  will  not  give  you  more  than  you  can  handle (1 Corinthians 10:13). We are all important and serve a purpose.

From Debra who is gazing at God’s majesty. 😀


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