What’s in Your Spirit?

The birds outside my window are a twitter this morning. They enjoy the variety of food I place for them at the feeders. Occasionally one will land on the windowsill peering in. This always results in a clumsy leap to the window by my two cats as they both attempt to make contact with the bird only realizing at the last moment there will be no interaction with this friendly little creature outside. The window brings an abrupt halt and the cat falls awkwardly to the floor frustrated that once again he fell for the same thing.

I learn so much about God by watching his creation.

I think of how we can get so excited about a project, a vacation or perhaps that first crocus that pops through the ground in spring. I challenge myself to watch for the new thing that Father is doing or getting ready to release for his children to enjoy.

Like most kids there are times we run ahead of Father and leap before it is time only to realize our timing was off. But we mustn’t lose heart. Father has not forgotten our dreams, our desires or his promises to us. Patience is not something most of us want or ask for and yet it is so important.

Watching for the first daffodil of the season, the first blooms of the fruit trees, even the bright green of the leaves opening for the new season requires timing for the successful achievement of each of these things in creation to launch the springtime of the year. The summer growing season requires diligence and persistence and then harvest comes. The level of fruit at harvest time depends on the diligence and persistence of summer as well as the timing of spring. We have a part in this in the natural by tending the garden, fertilizing, applying pesticide, fungicide and any other number of “cides” to monitor bugs, disease, even to keep birds from snacking on the fruit leaving us with nothing to harvest.

So how does this apply to your spirit? Tending a garden is similar to maintaining our spirit. Fending off predators, keeping the weeds out, squashing bad bugs and making sure beneficial bugs are doing their job. We must make sure predators don’t steal or damage our fruit. For me, I take joy in the fruit of my labor. The labor is intense at times and doesn’t allow me to slack in the chores to keep the garden productive. Yet harvest is sweet. Gazing at jars of canned peaches, enjoying homemade strawberry jam, mmmm, makes it worth the work.

The patient and diligent pursuit of the presence of Father brings fruitfulness. His joy is my strength. So press into his presence. Don’t quit. Enjoy the journey. There is much to do.

Looking through the seed catalog. Debra

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