Life in a Garden is Ongoing

Why in a garden? Why did God choose a garden as the place to begin his family? Why not a river? Or why not just “bang” as some believe?
Have you ever just sat in a garden and listened to the sounds? The sounds of numerous birds’ songs, a cricket or frog perhaps, even the scurrying of a bug across a rough surface; perhaps just the stillness of the moment… The smells are another thing. The variety of flowers, leaves, the dirt, the smell after a rain, just fresh air… The brilliance of the sun, the dappled sunlight under a big shade tree, filtered sun through clouds or even the thin wispy clouds that bring a change to the weather pattern… There are things to experience in a garden that one cannot find anyplace else on earth. It is as if there is a balance and harmony. There is a system of checks and balances that flow rhythmically together throughout the seasons.
God placed man in a garden to see firsthand how life is designed to operate according to his divine plan. Life and death ebb together in a garden. Plants die and fall into the earth and feed the soil. The decaying plant material is processed by animals and insects and further processed before deposit into the soil. The insects loosen the soil as they burrow through it. Birds till the soil searching for the insects and plant material to eat. Animals keep each other in balance as each one takes its place in the food chain.
Man faces challenges each day. It is up to each of us how we process those challenges. Some things are consumed by others, some slowly decay. Do we process things through the cross or do we take it upon ourselves. Do we harbor bitterness and resentment? Do we carry pain over the loss of a person or missed opportunity? Do we judge others and operate in criticism? As we work together with God and those he has placed in our life we can properly work through situations that affect us. We are to carry one another’s burdens to the cross of Jesus. We are to love and care for one another as Jesus gave his example. Having a relationship with the Father helps us keep the right perspective on life. Jesus’ lived a life that showed others how to live. He is our example. He took time to be with his Father so that he could live a life before others that is attainable by all. He said that he only did and said what he heard his Father say to do. As we maintain a relationship with the Father in communication with him we can do the same. Jesus said these things shall you do and greater.
Go on, sit in the garden and have a talk with DAD today. It will be time well spent.

From Debra

This text was originally written by me on June 25, 2008.


One thought on “Life in a Garden is Ongoing

  1. Your post made me wish I had a garden to sit in and drink in the sights and sounds of God’s creation. Your thoughts reminded me of the challenges I’ve faced and the things God has taught me about His ways that are so much higher. I was reminded of God’s love for gardens, and the garden He created for Adam and Eve, how He walked and talked with them each day because He desired their companionship. He desires ours today.


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