Listen to the Sound of the Falling Rain

One of the most calming sounds to me is the sound of rain falling gently on the soil, the leaves, even the window sill. It does something to my soul that is so refreshing. To some maybe it is a depressing sound perhaps reminding them of a sad time in their life. Sometimes things happen that leave us wounded and it takes time to recover from those wounds. However, we don’t have to stay in that place. There is a way through those times. We go through seasons of stretching that can sometimes take us to the edge where we feel like we cannot go on. I want to encourage you to hang on. You can get through this.

I look back at different times in my life that while at the time it felt like I would not make it through the trial. But I made it and I am stronger for it. We gain new perspective, new understanding and trials and testing do make us stronger. So if you are going through a season right now where you may not know what the outcome will be I want to encourage you. Press through. Lift up your head and press on.

Listening to the sounds of creation around me refreshes me. What makes you feel happy? I welcome your comments and interaction with this blog. So take time to jot down your thoughts. May you have a blessed day…singing in the rain!

From the rainy garden. Debra



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