From Clouds to Sun

(This entry was started on January 5, 2012 but needed to ripen a little before picking it  today.)

As I noted in a previous post, the weather seems to highly influence how I think and therefore what I write. Can anyone else relate? Have you ever noticed how clouds gather momentum as they build up with moisture preparing to release all of that precious rain/snow on the dry parched ground? Or have you taken notice of how you feel after a walk in the sunshine? Wondering where I’m going with this line of thinking?

I tend to think of moisture as a means of replenishing that which is lacking. Sun has a way of replenishing too. If your in the medical/scientific field you know all this but I challenge you to stay with me and perhaps look at this a little different way. Our body craves moisture. Our body craves sunshine. But what about your spirit? Dry and thirsty…days without sunshine…well, what can we do to apply this line of thinking to our spirit man?

What good is the rain or the sun if a tree has no roots? The vegetation will not flourish nor grow. When the winds come, the plant will blow away. The sun will wilt the leaves of the plant. The plant will die.

Our spirit requires attention, nourishment, and care. We must feed it God’s word, drink of His presence, and walk in His ways. In Proverbs 3:5-6 the word speaks of trust, of not leaning on your understanding but acknowledge your Creator and He will direct your path.

Though the storms of life rage around us, there is a way through the storm. Perhaps it’s the path less traveled or facing into the storm and forging ahead.

I challenge you today to ask God for his course to get you from point A to point B. He has an aerial view of the situation and can direct you through the tangled jungle that may seem overwhelming.

Soaking up the moisture in the garden. Debra


2 thoughts on “From Clouds to Sun

  1. Hi Debra…….so enjoy your thoughts which turn mine to think on His Presence and the ways He nourishes, guides and provides for us in the ways we need. Very refreshing…..Ruth


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