So I’m a few days late on my weekly post…sorry. I was pondering what to share this week. So pour a cup of coffee/tea and put your feet up and enjoy.

Over the last few years the Lord has been drawing me closer to his fathering. Many of us have had less than perfect fathers but Father God has been in the process of teaching me what it really means to be fathered. For starters, His love is immense, boundless, unfathomable and many times incomprehensible. And yet, He loves me (and you) like no one else can. He knows everything about me and is constantly cheering me on. He is my biggest fan! 😀 For those of you whose earthly father didn’t fill all the voids you have had in your life, I want you to know that your heavenly father knows and he cares. He even has your picture on his refrigerator. You are not a mistake. He really does have your best interest on his heart.

Many times we look at situations in our life and wonder why such and such had to happen to us or why we have to go around the same mountain again (and again…). We say, “why God? Why didn’t you bail me out? Why didn’t you stop this awful thing from happening to me? If you love me you would see to it that only good things came to me.” Ever feel that way? Well buckle your seatbelt because my next statement may shake your theology a bit.

Why didn’t he make everything “peachy” for you? Because He’s dad. Okay, hold on. Don’t stop reading yet.

For many of us, mom has been the one who has removed the splinter, bandaged the knee, held us when we cried and listened to us share about losing our best friend. Maybe she even did girls’ night with you, just the two of you painting fingernails, laughing and maybe even watching a chick flick with you and eating popcorn.

Maybe your dad has done fun things with you too so I’m not saying dad is all work and no play but it’s different with dad. To me dad is the one who, when what seems like the biggest trial of your life is before you, he lifts your chin, looks you in the eye and says, “you can do this…your my child, a chip off the old block, and I know you can succeed. I’m in your corner cheering you on.”

Each time we make it through a trial or difficult circumstance we gain ground. We step up the ladder of authority. We walk in a new level of understanding and we have that experience we can share with others when they are going through a difficult situation. When you are in the military you are recognized honorably when you have made it through a battle and survived and possibly you were the one on the frontlines breaking through the enemies first line of defense. Our heavenly father recognizes and honors the sacrifices we make too. Those trials make us strong. They make us who we are. They cause us to walk one step closer to stepping into our birthright.

So I challenge you today to pause and listen to your heavenly Father cheering you on from the sidelines. You’ll recognize him as the one standing tall, big smile and wearing a t-shirt that says, THAT’S MY KID!

Enjoy the journey.

Just pondering in the garden. Debra


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