I am celebrating today. It is a special day for me. Why? Because this day my Father made just for me, to be enjoyed and celebrated. He celebrated me and I celebrate Him. Today is the day I came to this place to live. He chose me for such a time as this. He chose me to live in such a place in time. He loves me and I love Him. That is worth celebrating!

It is snowing  today and I enjoy watching the snowflakes drift to the ground. I think they look like “manna” wafers lying there on the ground. 🙂 I watch in awe as the quail clean seeds on the ground around my bird feeders. They come to the feeders in groups almost always and prefer to stay together rather than being singled out. These two things, the snow and the quail, are God’s gift to me today and I’m celebrating His goodness.

When I look at the things in nature that my Father God has chosen to show me throughout the day I marvel at how His creation is so complex and yet so simple. Each snowflake is complex when you look at them individually and when you realize all the things in the atmosphere that had to take place in just the proper order and measure to create each snowflake and group them together and release them at just the right time, in just the right place. And yet how simple to watch them drift so easily to the ground and they make me feel calm and restful. The quail so easily and readily come to the feeders and eat together. The “sentry” is perched on a tree branch or post watching for any hint of danger. Their feathers are intricately detailed. They seem so regal strutting past my window unaware that I watch them through the glass just inches away.

The snow and the quail in groups…what does that have to say about community? What magnificent things can be accomplished when we join forces to complete the work of the kingdom of God? What has He asked you to do today? Just some things for you to ponder today as I ponder from my window on the garden around me.

So maybe today you can find something to celebrate. Today I am celebrating God’s creation and that includes me, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made in His image. Today is my birthday and it is good.

Blessings from the Garden.



One thought on “Celebration

  1. Happy Birthday to a wonderful lady, designed like no other….beautiful! Thank you for sharing those wonderful thoughts. I will think of them and be blessed by them throughout the day. You are a blessing and gift to my life:-) Ruth


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